✓ Performant timeseries database
✓ Scalable from Raspberry Pi to high-end servers
✓ Easy to install - instant download and run
✓ Easy to learn - familiar SQL with Tables and Columns
✓ Easy to write and query via HTTP, MQTT and gRPC
✓ Bridge to SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, MQTT Broker

Get Started Download LATEST v8.0.7

Machbase is the world’s fastest timeseries database1 with a minimal footprint. It’s an ideal solution for environments that require scalability, from small servers with limited resources like the Raspberry Pi to horizontally scaled clusters. Machbase Neo, built on Machbase, adds crucial features required for the IoT industry. It ingests and handles query data through various protocols, such as MQTT for direct data transfer from IoT sensors, and SQL via HTTP for data retrieval by applications.


API and Interfaces

  • HTTP : Applications and Sensors read/write data via HTTP REST API
  • MQTT : Sensors write data via MQTT protocol
  • gRPC : The first class API for extensions
  • SSH : Command line interface for human and batch process
  • WEB : User interface


Integration with external systems

  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • MS-SQL
  • MQTT Broker
  • Kafka
  • NATS



Tutorial Waves tutorial is a good starting point.

Raspberry PI as IoT server shows how to install machbase-neo on Raspberry PI and utilize it as an IoT server.

Tutorials section has more materials.


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