Write via http line protocol

Write via http line protocol

Machbase Neo provides a compatibility api that accepts messages in a format of influxdata lineprotocol for writing data. This api is convenient way to utilize existing client softwares that produce lineprotocol messages (e.g telegraf).

Since Machbase is different scheme of database from influxdb, some translations will be automatically occurred.


Machbaseline protocol of influxdb
tag namemeasurement + . + field name
valuevalue of the field (if it is not a number type, will be ignored and not inserted)

Line protocol example

curl -o - -X POST "" \
    --data-binary 'my-car speed=87.6 167038034500000'

This example inserts data into table tagdata with name=‘my-car.speed’, value=87.6 and time=167038034500000

telegraf.conf example

As set telegraf’s output config to use http port of Machbase Neo, the metrics that collected by telegraf are directly inserted into Machbase Neo.

url = ""
data_format = "influx"
content_encoding = "gzip"
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