Write via http

Write via http

Even query api can execute ‘INSERT’ statement, it is not an effecient way to write data, since clients should build a static sql text in q parameter for the every request. The proper way writing data is the write api which is the INSERT statement equivalent. And another benefit of write is that a client application can insert multiple records in a single write request.

Request endpoint and params

Write API’s endpoint is “/db/write/” following by table name, /db/write/{TABLE}

timeformatnsTime format: s, ms, us, ns
tzUTCTime Zone: UTC, Local and location spec
methodinsertWrting methods: insert, append
headingfalseIf CSV contains header line, set true to skip the first line
delimiter,CSV delimiter, ignored if content is not csv

The machbase-neo server recognizes the format of incoming data stream by Content-Type header, for example, Content-Type: application/json for JSON data, Content-Type: text/csv for csv data.

If client sends gzip’d compress stream, it should set the header Content-Encoding: gzip that tells the machbase-neo the incoming data stream is encoded in gzip.

Request JSON

This request message is equivalent that consists INSERT SQL statement as INSERT into {table} (columns...) values (values...)

data.columnsarray of stringsrepresents columns
data.rowsarray of tuplesvalues of records
    "data": {
        "columns":["name", "time", "value"],
        "rows": [
            [ "my-car", 1670380342000000000, 1.0001 ],
            [ "my-car", 1670380343000000000, 2.0002 ]

Request CSV

If csv data has header line like below, set the heading=true query param.



The /db/write API writes the posted data with “INSERT INTO…” statement by default. As long as the total number of records to write is small, there is not a big difference from “append” method.

When you are writing a large amount of data (e.g. more than several hundreds thousands records), Use method=append parameter that specify machbase-neo to use “append” method instead of “INSERT INTO…” statement which is implicitly speicified as method=insert.

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