Command line

machbase-neo serve

Start machbase-neo server process.


flag (long)flag (short)desc
--hostlistening network addr (default
ex) --host
--config-cconfig file location
ex) --config /data/machbase-neo.conf
--pidfile path to save pid
ex) --pid /data/
--datapath to database (default ./machbase_home)
ex) --data /data/machbase
--filepath to files (default .)
ex) --file /data/files
--presetdatabase preset auto, fog, edge (default auto)
ex) --preset edge

Since the default of --host is the loopback address, it is not allowed to access machbase-neo from the remote hosts.
Set --host <host-address> or --host for accepting the network connections from remote clients.

If execute machbase-neo serve with no flags,

$ machbase-neo serve

it is equivalent with

$ machbase-neo serve --host --data ./machbase_home --file . --preset auto

machbase-neo shell

Start machbase-neo shell. It will start interactive mode shell if there are no other arguments.


flag (long)desc
-s, --servermachbase-neo’s gRPC address.
default: --server tcp://
e.g. -s unix://./mach-grpc.sock
--useruser name.
default: sys
Since v8.0.4
default: manager
Since v8.0.4

When machbase-neo shell starts, it is looking for the user name and password from OS’s environment variables NEOSHELL_USER and NEOSHELL_PASSWORD. Then if the flags --user and --password are provided, it will override the provided values instead of the environment variables.

Precedence of username and password

Command line flags

If --user, --password is provided? Use the given values

Environment variables

If $NEOSHELL_USER (on windows %NEOSHELL_USER%) is set? Use the value as the user name.

If $NEOSHELL_PASSWORD (on windows %NEOSHELL_PASSWORD%) is set? Use the value as the password.


None of those are provided? Use default value sys and manager.

Practical usage

For the security, use instant environment variables as below example.

$ NEOSHELL_PASSWORD='my-secret' machbase-neo shell --user sys

Be aware when you use --password flag, the secret can be exposed by simple ps command as like an example below.

$ machbase-neo shell --user sys --password manager
$ ps -aef |grep machbase-neo
  501 13551  3598   0  9:33AM ttys000    0:00.07 machbase-neo shell --user sys --password manager

machbase-neo version

Show version and engine info.


machbase-neo gen-config

Prints out default config template.

$ machbase-neo gen-config ↵

define DEF {
    LISTEN_HOST       = flag("--host", "")
    SHELL_PORT        = flag("--shell-port", "5652")
    MQTT_PORT         = flag("--mqtt-port", "5653")
    HTTP_PORT         = flag("--http-port", "5654")
    GRPC_PORT         = flag("--grpc-port", "5655")
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