Bridges make machbase-neo enabled to inter-work external systems. For example, machbase-neo can execute DDL and DML SQL statements via bridges to other dbms system. And receive messages from an external MQTT broker.

Register a bridge to sqlite3

Register a bridge that connects to the SQLite.

bridge add -t sqlite sqlitedb file:/data/sqlite.db;

SQLite supports memory only mode like below.

bridge add -t sqlite mem file::memory:?cache=shared

Test the bridge’s connecitivity

machbase-neo» bridge test mem;
Test bridge mem connectivity... success 11.917µs

Create table

Open machbase-neo shell and execute the command below which creates a mem_example table via the mem bridge.

bridge exec mem CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS mem_example(
    company    TEXT,
    employee   INTEGER,
    discount   REAL,
    code       TEXT,
    valid      BOOLEAN,
    memo       BLOB,
    created_on DATETIME NOT NULL

TQL writing on the SQLite

BYTES(payload() ?? `{
  "company": "acme",
  "employee": 10
  // get current time
  times := import("times")
  ts :=
  // parse json from the payload
  ctx := import("context")
  val := ctx.value()
  // parse json
  json := import("json")
  msg := json.decode(val[0])
  ctx.yield(, msg.employee, ts)
INSERT(bridge("mem"), table("mem_example"), "company", "employee", "created_on")
machbase-neo» bridge query mem select * from mem_example;
│ ID │ COMPANY │ EMPLOYEE │ DISCOUNT │ CODE  │ VALID │ MEMO │ CREATED_ON                           │
│  1 │ acme    │       10 │ <nil>    │ <nil> │ <nil> │ []   │ 2023-08-10 14:33:08.667491 +0900 KST │

TQL reading from the SQLite

Save the code below as sqlite.tql.

SQL(bridge('mem'), "select * from mem_example")

And call curl -o -

curl -o -
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