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Solution Partners

Machbase Startup Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a startup company that needs certain conditions with integrated services in using Machbase DBMS.
Startup companies that develop new business based on BigData or IoT would fit to this program. Its conditions are as follows

  • - Establishment less than 5 years or Sales less than US $1 million.
  • - Not a large company's subsidiary.
  • - The main business is to develop software and solutions.

Please, email Machbase startup program director, at
Trendalyze - unlocking the value of time pattens
Trendalyze offers a simple to use platform for professionals to heuristically search, visualize, analyze and monitor for motifs to manage events and outcomes.
Trendalyze has been applied to Lockheed Martin's battle ships engine failure prediction system, which has shown outstanding results by predicting 97% engine failure without modeling.
Machbase DBMS has been integrated with the Trendalyze Platform as IoT data storage and being co-marketed.
HERIT - Experience connected life with HERIT
HERIT Co., Ltd has been providing intelligent services and Internet of Things solutions to country's leading telecom carriers such as KT or LGU+ since its foundation back in 2000.
Connecting more than 30 commercial products, HERIT's IoT platform offers integrated IoT services and provides customized IoT services through collaboration with various consumer electronics manufacturers.
Beyond the IoT platform for consumer electronics, HERIT is undertaking numbers of projects in the Industrial IoT field under a roadmap in order to provide an IoT platform for industrial devices.
HERIT is using Machbase as a time series DBMS for storing IoT Sensor Data in HERIT IoT Platform and signed a joint sales agreement.
ARITK - the integrated smart IoT plaform
Samsung ARTIKā„¢ is a compact IoT module consisting of processor(AP), memory, communication and sensor. It has a platform that integrates software/driver, storage, security solution, development board and cloud in one module.
With ARTIK, developers can quickly and easily commercialize IoT devices.
Machbase is ported to ARTIK devices and can store and analyze IoT sensor data directly from the Edge Gateway in Smart Factory and Smart Grid environment.
Through ARTIK certification process, Machbase has signed a technology partner agreement with ARTIK since January 2017.