The Fastest Time Series DBMS for IoT and BigData
Enterprise Edition
What is this for?
As the volume of data increases, demands for processing large amounts of data increase as well. How to identify and response customer’s needs quickly and skillfully can play a major role in survival of a business. You might be surprised to learn that there is a way to process data in a quick and easy way with lower TCO than big data systems like Hadoop that process big data based on file system. Looking for an easy solution to process big data? Check out the Enterprise Edition. Machbase Enterprise provides an innovative analytics model that is different from conventional data processing model based on Hadoop. End users simply can store data through standard DBMS interfaces and analyze it with SQL queries. Machbase also provides scalability to guarantee the best performance when demands for processing data increase by simply adding servers. In addition, it allows to process data without disrupting service even though there is server failure or need to remove unnecessary server. Looking for big data solutions that support multiple clusters without limits on data volume? Check out Machbase Enterprise.
  • Guarantee scalability with unlimited data volume (Scalable architecture)
  • Support nonstop service (Fault tolerance)
  • Provide standard SDKs: CLI, ODBC and JDBC
  • Provoide Machbase Web Analytics
  • Provoide the collector(ODBC, SFTP, FILE and SOCKET methods are supported)
  • When storing 100 byte payloads on hardware
  • - process more than 100,000 EPS (Events Per Second)
  • - store more than 15B records on 2TB HDD storage
  • Reasonable price per daily data usage
Application area
  • Non-stop integrated data management system for handling big data
  • Cloud-based data processing system
  • Alternatives to Hadoop
  • Extended version of standard edition with scalability
Use case
Be ready in Q2 in 2017