The Fastest Time Series DBMS for IoT and BigData
IoT Gateway for Edge Analytics
What is this for?
If you already have or plan to build services that require IoT gateway devices and need to analyze big data generated from numerous sensors in real-time, Machbase Edge Analytics Server is the right choice. When the volume of data keep increases, users can experience not only slow data processing but also costs for sending data to the cloud increases exponentially. If data analysis can be conducted at the edge device level, responses to any issues would be executed in real-time and reduce costs for data processing and maintenance drastically. Machbase is equipped with Advantech UTX-3115 Gateway in order to process IoT data in real-time. In addition, end users can easily handle data processing and analysis on the web, and can store and manage billions of data on a single device. With Machbase product, customers are not required to buy a device and install additional software and database. With Machbase Edge Analytics Server, you can build and deploy your own service in various areas such as factories, power plants, building, and bridges. It also can be used for weather, maritime, and environment IoT solutions. Visit our website or send us questions to for more details.
  • Embedded times series DBMS
  • Collect different formats of data from various devices
  • Process real-time streaming data
  • Custimized visualization
  • Develop user-defined business logic
  • Zero configuration
  • Power failure
  • Control with remote access