The Fastest Time Series DBMS for IoT and BigData
Standard Edition
What is this for?
Building multi-nodes for processing big data isn’t a silver bullet. According to statistics, almost 30% of big data use cases is processed on a single node. Do you happen to use Hadoop or Hadoop related solutions with high maintenance costs because you are handling big data? Check out Machbase standard edition. The standard edition is a full-featured database and optimzed for big data processing. If required to store predictable amount of data, the standard edition provides the best performance and stability at high-speed on a single server. For customers who are using conventional databases, it is natural to have slow processing speed as the amount of data increases. Some might have problems while using databases that are not suitable for analysis. If that is the case, check out Machbase standard edition. It also provides the collector that can easily collect data from various edge devices. With this standard edition, you can build powerful database management system in a short period of time. Enhance your competitive advantages with competitive and affordable price.
  • Store and analyze big data on a single machine (x86) in innovative ways
  • Provide standard SDKs: CLI, ODBC and JDBC
  • Provide Machbase Web Analytics
  • Provide the collector(ODBC, SFTP, FILE and SOCKET methods are supported)
  • When storing 100 byte payloads on the hardware
  • - process more than 100,000 EPS (Events Per Second)
  • - store more than 1.5B records on 2TB HDD storage
  • Reasonable price based on daily data usage
  • Reasonable price based on the number of products purchased
Application area
  • Real-time packet analyis system
  • Enterprise security management system
  • Building energy management system
  • Distribution management system
  • Small sized game log managment
Use case
Machbase already displayed its capabilities of storing and analyzing humongous packets in real-time on the market. With Machbase in place, our customers can conduct accurate and quick analysis on large amounts of packet data. In addition, it can easily process packet data, but also process systemslogs and IoT sensor data. please check the detail ( link )