Use Cases for Time Series DBMS
Embedded in UTM
With conventional DBMS, when UTM devices generate about tens of thousands to over 100,000 records per second, the client was only able to store the data as simple files and took several hours or several days to analyze the files if necessary.
They reviewed open source solutions in order to find alternatives, but none of them can be deployed on the limited hardware and process 100,000 records per second.
With Machbase, it is able to store data into the database, and retrieve and analyze them in real-time.
In addition, another benefits using Machbase is high operational efficiency by using a convenient feature "MOUNT" that can backup and quickly retrieve data.
  • Embedded on UTM device
  • Store 100,000 firewall log data per second
  • Able to analyze and monitor data in real-time
Customer Benefit
  • Store 100,000 log data per second
  • Save storage space with data compression
  • Search with various conditions by using standard SQL
  • Prepare statistical information on a regular basis
  • Dashboard to monitor statistical information
  • Prepare various reports
  • Detect security threats in real-time
  • Easily manage backup data and quick retrieval
How do you start?
Download Machbase and Install First

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