Time Series DBMS Use Cases
Machbase edge computing database uses range from process data management in the semiconductor industry, to product lifecycle and predictive maintenance in high-tech industries, as well as real-time data processing in precision industrial environments.
Use Case & Industries
In-process edge intelligence needs to perform a large amount of data processing for real-time monitoring and diagnostics, machine learning and optimal operation management, from continuous processes to assembly processes, from semiconductor process to large-scale industrial assembly.
Machbase software is the key to enabling the edge.
Due to the rise of industrial IoT, petabytes of data are being generated for real-time response, including driving records, and train, automobile, ship and aircraft operations. For example, Machbase collects signal, safety, and plant data from moving vehicles including fuel, engine, idle time data and so on.
From distribution centers to clean logistics in precision manufacturing processes, hundreds of thousands of vibration and PLC data are generated per second for control of hundreds of thousands of autonomous mobile robots. Real time logistics tracking and facility status management eliminates various logistics risks and saves analysis time and network cost.
Power Plants & Energy
Unexpected breakdowns in a power plant can cause considerable disruption to the power grid. Conservation and prevention of power plants outages are key. Real-time, high-volume data collection are prerequisites for real-time analysis, real-time response, and real-time control.
Smart Factory
Today's "Smart" Factory needs to freely communicate with members of the production organization and manufacturing devices in order to optimize operations and increase plant efficiency. Free flowing big Infrastructure data from robot, sensor and other instrumentation and various automation systems must be exchanged. Machbase is making factories more competitive by acting as the basis of a Digital Twin, and improving the resolution of process and sensor data.
Bio / Healthcare
New diagnostic equipment in the medical field, the monitoring of the patient's vital signs, and the operation of the associated equipment provide an unprecedented level of therapeutic services, but at the same time produce vast amounts of sensitive patient data. Machbase improves patient service accuracy by processing and analyzing more data in healthcare facilities.
Edge Computing
Smart X-age sensor data processing requirements are increasing. As a core technology of IIoT in edge computing, a new type of DBMS is required for sensor data area. Machbase DBMS is critical in the IoT era by enabling sensor data processing.