Use Cases for Time Series DBMS
Integrated Log Management
The client needs to store all the log data generated from firewalls deployed in 1,400 branches of a financial institution, and analyze them to prevent security threats. Previously they used MySQL DMBS for storing log data, but faced slow in creating of indexes so that they had to find another way to make it happen:batch indexing after data insertion. Therefore, the client choose Machbase to store and analyze 100,000 records per second in real-time. Machbase provides Python API so that the client can keep using the existing programs for analysis and connection.
  • Store logs from 1,400 branches into three central servers
  • Process 4.5B records or 1TB in real-time every day
  • Monitor security threatin real-time
Customer Benefit
  • Able to store more than 100,000 logs per second
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Reduce utilization of H/W more than 70%
  • Reduce more than 50% of storage space
  • Easy to manage backup data and quick retrieval
How do you start?
Download Machbase and Install First

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