Use Cases for Time Series DBMS
Network Packet Monitoring
Most of cyber-attacks was occurred through penetration, information leakage, and attack order from the outside via network, but there is not enough information to investigate the cause of cyber-attacks as these were conducted bypass attacks. Therefore, it is required to store original network traffic data that span a long period of time as the preservation of evidence. That is, it needs to collect and store gigabyte level of original data.
  • Collect 1GB/10GB level of network traffic and session information
  • Create indexes for processing network data at high-speed
  • Extract and store metadata and files transferred through network
Customer Benefit
  • Investigate the cause of attacks and obtain evidence for accountability
  • Able to check the connection for a certain system
  • Able to detect abnormal traffic based on flow of information
  • Save storage space with data compression
  • Search with various conditions by using standard SQL
  • Dashboard to monitor statistical information
  • Prepare various reports
  • Easy to manage backup data and quick retrieval
How do you start?
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